Farmdata has been designing and maintaining financial and management software systems since the mid 1970s and has become one of the leading names in this particular field. Its comprehensive range of easy to use software is constantly being refined and updated to meet the demanding needs of today's modern agricultural environment. CMS has worked closely with Farmdata for many years and we constantly feed back information from our clients and our own secretarial services staff to support Farmdata in its software development.

Our experiences with the Farmdata software have shown that clients are able to realise tangible economic benefits quickly and effectively, as well as achieving peace of mind in the knowledge that their farm records are accurate and meet the current demanding legislation facing UK agricultural industries. Each software package is designed with ease of use in mind, together with the ability to maximize the conversion of raw data into useful management tools, in order to maximize profit. The Farmdata range of software packages covers everything from cattle record keeping to crop management and from financial accountancy packages to payroll software.

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About Us

The company's reputation for network design and complete IT solutions has become highly regarded and has resulted in an expanding customer base covering many top businesses in southern Scotland. Our web development team, Design Farm, plays a major role in producing many of the top sites in the region and further afield.