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Sheepdata Tag Readers

Portable handheld electronic tag readers that work with Sheepdata to help keep your animal records up to date.

Readers Currently Working with Sheepdata


Tagmaster RS230 Stick Reader


Tagmaster RS230 Stick Reader

+ Bluetooth end cap
+ Bluetooth printer


Simple stick reader, Stores 4000 Numbers

8000 Reads per charge

Downloads lists to PC



Tagmaster anilog 3060


Data Logger. Stores 8000 Numbers.

255 Actions.

Download list and related actions to PC.


Agrident AWR100


Agrident AWR200 (bluetooth)


Stick Reader, Stores 5000 Numbers + timestamp


BioControl HHR3000 Lt

internal antena


BioControl HHR3000 Pro

exchangable antena

bluetooth available


Data logger

Download List and related actions to PC


Nedap VP52 Reader


Data Logger, Stores 10,000 Numbers, 5000 reads

Download Lists and related actions to PC

Readers with Links Under Development


Agrident APR350


Data Logger, 5000 Numbers

Download Lists and related actions to PC


Biocontrol iMan


Mini Computer - Runs a ligh version of Sheepdata. look up animal records, enter occurrences, synchronise back to program on main PC.

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